Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Staying Strong!

So I am sitting here close to tears because I think " What is my freakin problem!!?? Why can't this be easier and why can't I tell my brain to stop eating??!!" brain is actually screaming that. Let me give you an example: Tonight while I was waiting for Shelby to finish playing in her bath I decided to start munching. Well I didn't have a hungry bone in my body, not one. I actually felt kinda stuffed from dinner still. Why I thought I had to have some cheese crackers is beyond me...I mean why would I even consider eating when i am not hungry?? ........My plain and simple answer....I need to have stronger will power. right?..pretty simple huh? I ate cause I was bored.......well then do something to stop being bored....simple. I mean If i took each feeling I had when i wanted to eat and dissect it I bet you would find my answer would be the same, just a plain oh simple answer.
I want to tell you about this book I bought about a month ago. It looked familiar to me and i actually thought i already owned it but come to find out it wasn't one I already had in my diet book shelf. ( yeah I know..we all have em though...admit it!) I am pretty sure this is the diet my mom went on last year and lost 20+ pounds in a very short amount of time. I remember talking to her about every other day and and she would be like " Oh, I lost another 3 pounds....and oh! I lost another 2".... I was like " What?? How is that possible??" So when I came across this book I found out the reason it sounded familiar is because my mom told me about ages ago. ( right mom? correct me if i am wrong on this please. )
So anyway I am really excited about giving it a go. The basics to this diet is........
* 4 day Anti-bloat jump start
* 4 weeks of 3/day meals that consist of 400 calories per meal and a 400 calorie snack ( tons of recipes in this book)
* exercise optional ( but we all know it certainly helps..and they recommend it of course!)
That's it! Seems pretty simple huh? Of course there are a tons more info in this book, but I cant type it all out. I am going to give it a go and see what happens. I will keep you all posted on how it goes of course and if all goes well... :)


  1. ok devils advocate. NOT stronger will power but just to go with the hunger and, as I actually think oprah said, ASK YOURSELF THE HARD QUESTION OF WHAT YOU ARE HUNGRY FOR!

    touch? companionship? joy? calm?

  2. Ooh I like your new layout.And yes I know what you mean, Im trying to get geared up again to start. Yes I have this book but it was S. Beach that I lost so well on. I did follow some in this book, the part about Mufas. Im always saying to others you need your Mufa's and they just look at me weird. The weird thing is I've been thinking about this book an thought I'd get it out again, Plus Ive been thinking about the S. Beach again cause thats how I did so well. One good thing is, I have not gained back what I lost a year ago. Just cant seem to get going again. But by this weekend Iam determined to be back on it. So dont give up.

  3. This book is written by a lady from Prevention magazine. She was just on The Biggest Loser last night...but you might know that now :)
    I've never been one for "diets" per se because I firmly believe we shouldn't be cutting any one particular thing out of our diets (like all carbs and things these diets do), I think it is just knowing what we need to limit. I mean, a piece of bread or cake or a piece of fried chicken here and there aren't going to kill us...but if that is the stuff we ALWAYS eat, then it is another story. The best advice I can give is to find one thing to start on and work from there. Start small. If you have a particular mine is drinking Coke...then start by cutting back. Don't try to take it all away because that just sets you up for failure because as soon as you say "I can't have this" it is EXACTLY what you crave!! So start simple and begin by cutting back on things and slowly making changes in the way you eat. I also think the best course of action is to do like they say on The Biggest Loser...this isn't a diet, it is a change of lifestyle. You are making permanent changes to the way you eat and live. If you go on a diet and lose a ton of weight and then quit the diet and slowly start to creep back into those old habits because you aren't "dieting" anymore, then you just find yourself right back on another diet. You end up constantly dieting and resenting it. And talk about the turmoil on your body...from the physical toll of losing, gaining, losing, the mental and emotional toll of the yo-yo-ing. So just start small. Make REALISTIC goals for yourself. And don't make really, really LONG term goals that will feel impossible to make it to. Just maybe make yourself weekly goals. For example, say okay...this week I am going to cut back on this and that, I am going to exercise this many hours total...something like that...something that is totally doable and when it is done you will feel accomplished, proud of yourself and ready to take on the next goal.
    Now, if I could just get off my bu** and practice what I preach!! : )
    Good luck girl!!