Monday, February 23, 2009


I have hit a wall ladies.........You see I would have failed ages ago but I kept with it because i had this little spark in me that was a fire, well now I feel just plain lazy about the whole dieting thing. You didnt think that every post on here was going to be "just the most perfect day ever!" did you?? Losing weight is such a battle and when you have just about everything going against you it's just a hard long road. I need to pick that dieting energy back up and quit having a pity party for myself. I want to Hoop-la again and be able to shout about weight loss. I need your support ladies please...please....please!!

Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to hop on board again. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Oh man I hear ya, I did drop those 3 lbs back off but today I had a Punchkey Sue bought, Oh however you spell it. Marylnn said they have about a thousand calories, It was very good though. Just a glorified doughnut. So come on, we can do this, We have to do it. We have to lose before we get down there cuz you know how we will eat then? Will you have your new grill by then?

  2. P.S. Oh yea Im thinking maybe you need to get rid of these cupcakes LOL They are going into our subconscious!!!!!!

  3. it's not the cupcakes! I am not even craving sweets, it's just food..period! Yes we will have our new grill by then I can't wait!!