Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I am sure you all have thought that I fell off the earth or somethin but I did not..I'm still here and with some news!

Yay!! We are very excited and due November 15! I am convinced it's a boy but you never know! :)

Soooo...I have been thinking about continuing my weight loss blog because I have been diagnosed with early Gestational Diabetes. Normally you don't get tested till 25-30 weeks along but since I had a bad case of it with Shelby ( my first born ) the doc decided to have me tested early and sure enough I have it at its worse case again. I am not a stranger to controlling it so I wasn't as upset this time around, but one of my Dr.'s ( I have two ) is convinced I am just a diabetic no matter what and that i will continue to have it even after I am pregnant since my chances of having it all the time are increased big time with getting pregnant.

Sooooooooooo I have decided to keep this blog and just use it for my diabetes journey. After All it is still a weight loss regimen. I have lost 11 pounds so far in this pregnancy so it's all good! My goal..not to gain anything above my original starting weight. So far so good!