Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 2 Recap...

So on to day two, It went over pretty well. It was a very busy day though so between school, dance and then story time at the library I ate when I could. I went yesterday and bought some Lean Cuisine meals and Smart Ones. So I am stocked up on those for awhile. I really don't mind them.

So as hectic as it was yesterday and our out and about running around there was no time to cook dinner so I stopped at Wendy's to grab us some dinner...what did I have you ask?...drum roll please................A taco salad! Oh yeah, oh yeah!! Their chili is one of the best things to have when dieting, it fills you up, you still get the satisfaction of eating out and when put with a salad it's very yummy! I did not have soda I had water..another star on my chart please! =) Soda is a huge HUGE weakness for me, so I just need to stay away as much as I can.

So between my Smart Ones for lunches/dinners and cheese sticks or yogurts for snacks it's working out A-ok.....for now...give me a few days and I am sure you will hear me whine how much I want some chocolate or something.

Now on to exercise........I will start out at 3 times a week..Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. ick..ick! but it has to be done. I heard this lady on QVC of all places talking about health and she said to think of it this way...Say your a stick of butter, if you don't warm it up how will it ever melt? crazy as that might sound that has stuck in my head for some reason and cannot get it out! I am not kidding either, it's stuck and it's staying.

So now off to warm up my butter body and melt those pounds away!!

Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it. ~ Unknown Author

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  1. LOL about the butter thing! Actually makes total sense to me.