Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day Recap..

So I think the first day is always the easiest day of any diet, Your happy, pumped up and ready to go! You make wise choices and then just when you think your doing fabulous and you have conquered the day......you get a big plate of dessert put in front of you and that's when you think......"This is where its gets hard".

So we went over Troy's parents for dinner last night, now you see his mom is a great cook...so you have to be careful. But I did ok..we had spaghetti....I ate some in moderation ( since pasta is one of my biggest no No's because I tend to over eat on pasta..hence part of why I am 65 pounds heavier that I was since I had Shelby ) soooooooo.....It wasn't the perfect first day as far as food goes but it's all good.

Moderation is the key and when you mix that with some awesome exercise.......oh yeah baby, the pounds will shed.

Good friends are good for your health. ~ Irwin Sarason


  1. Hi, or should I say Good Morning, It sounds like u bout said it right on..I am in Depression, and don't have much to say, Sometimes certain problems get U down, But I sure am glad God Sticks closer than a Brother. Have a great Day, it sounds like u always do.. and Good for u~ Love ya, Aunt Donna

  2. Good Luck, I need to lose 60 pounds so I feel your pain. Hopefully we can support eachother through this

  3. Oh, its so hard when someone cooks for you! You did great, though!! We're going to look so good this time next year!!

  4. TRUE THAT Tiffany! :)

    Jen~ A great support system is the key, we can do it!!

    Aunt Donna~ I will pray for you, I know it's hard, trust me I have my days where it's not all good. But I think we have to just try harder at this, I know I don't give it all that I have and that is why I fail. If we keep on being strong(together) we will conquer this!! Love you:)