Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 14 Recap...

Well day 14 usually marks the real 2 weeks, so today would officially be 2 weeks since I started this new healthy life style. I have gotten my cheat days out of the way for this week and yes i did say cheat " day's" . Rodger, Shelby and I went out for a late lunch yesterday at O'Charly's and I had meatloaf and broccoli and mashed potatoes, it was delish! I did not even eat it all so I guess that was Does that count?
Sooooooooo anyways that brings me to my next point. see that little picture on the left? Yup it's me new toy and I am sooo excited to have an elliptical!! They were on sale and I couldn't resist, so home it came. I also put the whole thing together myself, Roger was already up for 24 hrs straight and Troy had to be to work at 6am so they were both zonked out and I wasn't about to let this beauty sit in the box. So just over 2 hrs later and VERY sore knees I got er done! So that is why last night I was pretty tired, this thing whipped my buns just putting it together! :)
So once again as my cheat days are behind me and I start out on my new adventures with my elliptical under my feet, I will work my hardest and shed these pounds!
On a side note, Shelby loves this thing, I can't get her off it, she will be the tone-est 4 year old around! :)


  1. Ooh very nice. That doesnt look to big at all. It will go nicely with my Treadmill!!!! I thought it would be hard to put together. Now I want to see some pics of you & Shelby on it. I cant beleive Shelby gets on it. Thats pretty cool. Okee Dokee off to keep cleaning.

  2. I'm happy to hear you're committed to sticking to this. I realized to day, I need to get off the couch, and get going. You inspire me.

  3. Aw, Thanks Abby! Good luck to you on your journey!

  4. Hi Shawna, I never did figure the comment thing out.. I am so glad your Mom and you are doing so well..Keep up the good work.... We are suppose tp sign the paper
    friday for our place, but can't move in til Feb.14 have a good ya