Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 4 of Anti-bloat Jumpstart

So the one thing you learn when dieting is that when your home all day long is very easy to plan out your meals, but once you step out and go somewhere and don't know where the day will lead ya it's hard to get your 3 meals plus a snack in at just the right times. I learned that today. Well actually I new that along time ago, it was just different when on my 4 day cleans. So I got up and had my breakfast but not till almost noon. We were outside enjoying the snow one last time before it melted and well I was burning off some much needed calories by having a snowball fight with the fam. So anyway I lost track of time and well Breakfast came late but here is what I had......
1 cream of wheat packet
1 handful of raisins
1 cup of milk
Note to Self: not a big fan of cream of wheat!
So of course we were out and about and all of us starving so we went out to dinner with the in-laws, we went to a buffet so at least I had choices. So this was around 4-5:30ish so I made this my lunch and dinner...oh and I did have a string cheese earlier as a snack.
On lunch/Dinner menu:
About a 1/2 cup pot roast
Steamed carrots
sauteed green peppers & onions
a dab of mashed potatoes ( and i mean a dab!)
a half of corn on the cob
unsweet tea to drink

I did go for seconds but I just had more sauteed veggies and a small boneless rib and a roll & NO DESSERT!
So I am kinda bummed as to what i will see on the scale regarding this but I really didnt do to bad, my times were just off and while I should have had chicken there just wasn't any on the buffet that wasn't fried.

So tomorrow is the big day, I will weigh in and see how these 4 days have treated me...Ohh the suspense!!


  1. Shawna,

    Thanks for giving me credit on your web site.
    How about a "HOT" link to my DIET HUMOR Web site: danworona.50megs.com

    NOT YOUR LIPS. Daniel Worona

    Good luck to you.
    Daniel Worona

  2. Well very good for you girl! Even after going out to eat. I was wondering if you were going to get that cream of wheat down. I dont think I could. So are you going to continue on with the same diet? I start looking at it and its kind of complicated. =Ok keep up the good work!