Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 33-35 Recap....

I know I know I have not been around at all last few days. Life just gets crazy I tell ya! I added a little craziness to it all by painting Shelby's room last two days. How many calories can you burn just painting? Well I will tell you........about ..........275 per hour! Not bad!

I have not done wonderful this week......I don't know what my problem is, well actually I sorta do... you see I made it farther than I have before but I am bored with dieting but it has to be done. I think When Tiffany and I start walking again it will give me that boost I need. Having a workout buddy helps so much!! So hopefully we can pick up next week again. Right Tiff??

So don't give up on me..please! Weigh in day is tomorrow, I will update on that soon. yikes!

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