Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 31 & 32 Recap..

So I didnt for get about ya all, I am having some issues with Google and that is what Blogger goes through, I am really hoping my computer isn't getting ready to do something funky again cause that would just be sad. So fingers crossed it gets better!

As for my diet days this past weekend, well it wasn't horrible but it wasn't great, Today ( Monday ) is all about getting back on track. If you look at my pattern here, you will see that weekends are my BIG cheat days, although I try not to make them so BIG but reasonable.

As for walking that has been put on hold with my gal pal Tiffany. She has the flu going through her household right now and last week, well.. if you read my past post you would have seen we have been busy busy. I am going to try and do some walking in our subdivision this week to catch up and between that and my elliptical it's all gooood!

So I am here, if i suddenly disappear you will know my computer went all wacky and I will be back!!

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