Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 24 & 25 Recap......

Just a quickie on day 24, I actually did pretty good on Wednesday, I was home all day so I could monitor what I ate, I missed walking this week big time( due to sickness & Tiff couldnt make it one day ) but we will pick it up next week. I have come to realize I need that walking, it's going to be my saving grace after awhile. :)

Day 25........Thursday

What not to eat on a diet............................

I know...I know....This is a total no no and trust me after I ate them I felt every ounce of guilt. I have a perfectly good reason as to why i was even at BK today. We had a meetup, so that is why I went not because I decided to drive in all by myself and have myself a splurge.
Now this is where you all come in and slap me up some silly and say " Get it together Girlfriend!" ......ok? .......I'm waiting! :)


  1. Hi, I know the guilt thing, so I won't slap u up. Just say to yourself, Next time, I will make a better choice, or maybe u could bring a snack of your own.Love ya, Aunt Donna, Also Tawnya took the pics. of Uncle Ron and My hands and the other pics.also.

  2. Well I would slap you up if you werent so far away.LOL No all in all you are doing very well. I have only lost 5 lbs or so I think. I have to go check my records. One thing I do no is I found the records from last Feb when I started on the 20th and Im down 25lbs since last year. I did gain back a few so I had to get that off. Tomorrow I will check my measurements and see maybe there will be some incouragement there. But all in all, they say the best way is 2 lbs of week. Ive just got to get it in my brain.