Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 23 Recap....

So I have been told I was slacking on my blog ( ok it was my mom and i think she say's that because she just wants something to love ya mom! ) But of course i slacked because i was sick! like duh :) lol
Ok so now I am back in business, I am feeling much much better and now that i am still diet driven I am ready to go again.
As you can see in the picture it is a bowl of eggs but they are hard boiled. If you watching your carbs they make a great snack indeedy-o. I guess i should be thankful that Troy loves to buy in bulk because we had 4 --> 18 packs of eggs in the fridge and well, I don't bake all the yummy stuff anymore so they will just sit there if I don't cook some up.
So I am suppose to be recapping yesterday which was Tuesday. I was invited to lunch with a few gal pals to celebrate a 30th birthday for my friend Sarah. Now I wasn't feeling 100% and I didnt know how going out to eat would do since it really was my first real meal in 4 days. We went to Mexican ( yikes! ) but I found out the fresh air was all good and I just ate some of my meal and it all seemed ok. I passed on birthday cake because that did not appeal to me at all as I am still having food issues do to stomach aches from being sick. So it wasn't all bad and it was actually quite yummy. yippee-yo-ky-A! for something that tasted good finally and that wasn't toast!
The rest of the night went great, I even jumped on my elliptical for 2 mins ( yes 2 was hard..LOL ) I think I burned about 20 calories..LOL ok quit laughing at me people.


  1. YESSSSSSS, we do have to take down all that wallpaper the Livingroom is the worst....No I am not packing this min. U can pray for me and my health I have a lot of Chronic pain, and now I have this side thing hurting it started in my back, and now it is on my left side, I tellu if it is not one thing it is another.. Tawnya still does not have any internet, she has a appt. Fri. She pays $40:00 a month, and most the time nothing, they say everyone else in Capac that has it is ok. So who knows, that why u hardly ever hear anything from her.
    Oh, and by the way them eggs look pretty tempting...

  2. A whole 2 minutes wooohoooo, No thats better than nothing, You did more then me actually, I never did walk yesterday, this puter took my time up.You know what I mean Vern!!! Well I see your feeling better, your wise cracks are back. And yesss these blogs are no fun if nobody writessss.

  3. Oh yea I have that same bowl in the frig with eggs in it, imagine that!!!!