Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 7 Recap...

I cannot believe this is only the 7th day, I feel like I have been at this for at least a month now! So let's see how was my day? Well we certainly didnt do anything exciting, I think the most exciting thing that did happened was I made a big pot of Chili. Now that is one staple to have when your dieting and its sooo low carb it's crazy! This time around I used ground turkey, now I have used it once before and did not notice it at all, however this time I did, to me it made the chili taste a bit funny. Rodger ( my bro ) said it tasted regular to him, so I dunno maybe my taste buds are on alert for anything extremely healthy tasting..haha.

There is a bit of exciting news though, Troy agreed to an elliptical a friend is selling, soooo YAY! I love ellipticals but they are so dang expensive. So this was a pretty good deal. I hope to get it soon so I can start working my big buns off. I did the whole gym thing a few months ago and to my surprise I loved it! I cannot tell you how amazing I felt every time I left that place. But, it wasn't very close to us and I found myself not going more and more just because i didnt feel like hopping in the car for a 20 min ride to workout for an hour and turn around and come home. But if we ever move closer to one you bet your booty I will there.

I did some exercise with my stretch band last night and I have got to say that little thing can give you quite the workout but for right now it's not enough and I have to do more in the exercise department.

The groundwork of all happiness is health. ~Leigh Hunt


  1. I Love Reading your Blog It is so Funny and Uplifting, Sometimes I LOL.. I am in such a downer, and I don't know why.....HELP Please
    Pray For Me Thru out the day. I sure would appricate it, and I think I felt your guys prayers this morning, That is such a Awsome feeling, I Love u girl and wish u lived around us... I need to call u and your Mom to see about something we can do together With Tawnya and Sherry and I.. Its a good Thing.. Love ya, and I mean that Aunt Donna

  2. Thank you so much Aunt Donna! Makes me feel good to know I have some faithful readers out there :) That in itself keeps me motivated!

    I will certainly keep you in my prayers, When they say dieting is one of the hardest things you will ever do they are sooo right! I think that you really must have that time in your life where you really and I mean really want it. I have thought I have wanted it many times but I don't sit and look at myself all the time. I am then reminded of how badly i want it when i see a picture of myself. but then I get over it a day later and that's that. I have even had 2 people in the past year say to me " are you pregnant?" you would even think that would get one motivated, yeah for a few days. But it doesn't last.

    Do you have friends who are on a weight loss struggle to? Not just family but friends? You might be surprised to find that have friends to do this with will help you and really get you through some tough times. I also know that when you are in a "competition" of sorts that will get you motivated. I have it gone through my head several times already in the past week " well that cant be how did they lose a pound more? or oh know they are not going to lose more!" You have to have that motivation to get you going AND to keep you going! I also know this reunion is a HUGE motivator for me. I am so sick of going on a trip and having pictures taken of me that I am just disgusted by and for ounce i want to pose for a picture and NOT hate how I look.

    Just know we are here for you and we love you bunches! You can do this..just keep yourself so busy you don't have time to fail.

    Love you to!

    ( sorry for the long )

  3. Hey there girl, thats cool about the elliptical, thats funny cuz I was just going to see if you knew they had these mini ones. Hillary has one and she says she loves it. So thats great. So if we ever so get down there we'll have machines to work out on cuz baby this will be something we will have to keep doing the rest of our lives. Just maybe not as hard. LOL Love you, Mom