Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 5 Recap...

I just want to take a moment and say....Yeehaw..WOOGA WOOGA...BALLA BALLA WING BONG! I lost 5.2 pounds my very first week and it wasn't even a full week mind you. My jaw about dropped to the floor this morning as I stepped on the scale. I have been on a diet high all day!!

As for our little competition going on in the HCPKP group I won " Biggest Loser" this past week but I have a certain lady who is right on my heels and her name is Tiffany....yup....I say " Bring it Girlfriend!" :o)

So Friday went pretty well, I stayed home all day, no places to go and it's kinda a relax and enjoy the day after a busy week day. I did stay on my diet though, I may have had a few extra goldfish crackers though as those little boogers are so tasty I can't stop! ........Ok now re-reading that it doesn't sounds very yummy when you put the word " boogers" in it....but you get my drift! :)

I also still don't feel great, my stomach is a little upset and maybe it's just cranky cause it's not getting everything it wants, I dunno but I hope to get over it soon cause it's making me feel sorta blah.

On a side note Smart Ones has come out with a yummy New Lo Mein that was super tasty, it has shrimp in it and I just gobbled that right up for dinner.

Well I hope you all are having a great week, I look forward to reading your blogs and staying up to date with you all.

There's lots of people who spend so much time watching their health, they haven't got time to enjoy it. ~ Josh Billings


  1. Good Morning Shawna~
    Glad to hear someone is losing LOL keep up the good work. I know how hard it is..Hope your stomach feels better.... Love ya, Aunt Donna

  2. Very very good, Very proud of you, Are you eating peanut butter or anything with p.butter in it? They said to stay away from any of it till it passes over. So keep up the good work. What kind of exercise are you doing anyway?

  3. Thanks Momma!

    I heard about the PB thing, we eat Jiff and that wasn't on the list so I think it's ok. Well since Troy eats if everyday and has not gotten sick

    AS far exercise goes I only exercised once last week and that was using a new stretch band and did some basic calisthenics. I am trying to talk Troy into getting that elliptical one of my friends is selling.

  4. LMAO!! I am gonna bring it! You are too funny!!

  5. Kim is another Threat! Had she weighed in ( before the ) she would have been Biggest loser...right? I didn't know your % so I dunno