Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 19, 20 & 21 Recap.....

So since I have been doing all of what that little note said below (my last entry, sorry I had to add it, it was to funny & true!) I decided just to combine my last few days because honestly I don't think I can think back 3 days.

So your probably wondering how my weigh in went last Friday, well unfortunately I was up .6..ah not too bad but I did eat out here and there quite a bit, the walking saved me for sure!

So this is where I have to get over the hump, I always fail around this point in every diet and this time it's not going to beat me, I am going to get over this hump!!

Now, I didnt expect to get over that hump by getting the flu, but honestly I will take I have lost just over 3 pounds just from all my flu activities. So technically I have lost -8.4 pounds in the past 3 weeks, but I am not going to count the 3 pound loss yet, weigh in day is Friday so I will officially calculate on saturday what I am down to.

Thanks to you all that sent get well wishes! Love you all!

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. ~ Mark Twain


  1. That great, It sounds like your feeling better. Have you been out yet? How did Rog do? And Troy did he come home with it? Hope Shelby is feeling better too.

  2. Well I don't feel good again, I don't know if If this is going to run another cycle but I feel like throwing up all over again. Today has been pretty icky. ahh!

    Rodger got it but not as bad but enough to keep him home tonight from work and Troy got it the least, just had upset stomach and body aches but feels fine now.