Monday, January 12, 2009

Gearing up!

So it's the night before the big day, the day that is the very first day that will change my life. I want this weight loss blog to be public, I want people to see it, I want to be held accountable for my dieting actions. I have tried to do it all silently but you know what? That does not work!

See, you need the support of friends and family or else it's a cold dark lonely road and that is why I fail every single time. So that is why I am asking you..yes you sitting there reading this to PLEASE help me as I go at this flab busting get me skinny healthy lifestyle!

I am asking you to cheer me on, yell at me, throw at me some motivational speeches, whatever it takes to help me lose this weight.I am tired of having no energy, one day I can go go go, the next I am a couch potato..well couch potato no more!! OK?? Can I count on you to help me through this? That's what I thought and I thank you! :)

So I have to throw this out there because I want to brag on a wonderful group of gals( HCPKP ) who are the best! We are all going to do this weight loss "challenge" together. We are mom's who want to get fit for our families and stay that way. So I am counting on you girls, you give me a boost I will give one right back at ya! ( oh, HCPKP = Henry County Pre K Playgroup )

To my family...I know there are some of you out there that is going through the same thing, this is for you to, I want you on my team as well. I love you guys and we all want to be around for a long long time :)


  1. I am so excited about this weight loss challenge. To me it's not even about the challenge, it's about being healthy and feeling good about myself. I have tried to do this alone before as well and you're right IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I am so glad to have met such an awesome group of ladies to do this with. I love you girls!!! I know that you are going to do great Shawna. I had to walk so much at school today and I feel so great knowing that I am off to a good start. I had a fat free yogurt and bottled water for breakfast and a granola bar with a coke zero for a snack. WooHoo!!! .I want some chocolate so bad right now. I'm not giving in though. It takes 21 days to break a bad habit and that's what I am telling myself about chocolate. Go Shawna! Go Shawna! Love ya girl, ~Jeannie

  2. Well, Here we go, that is better, My sister Sherry and I are really trying to lose, this yr, It has nothing to do with the New Year just a new way of life and eating.. (We are struggling for our life, and health.) So we are all in the same struggle, I also know Tawnya has been wanting to shed a few lbs. too, So let stick together.. Love ya, Aunt Donna

  3. Hi Shawna!
    This is Donna's sister Sherry. I used to hold you and babysit you when you were a newborn. I am here with you rooting you on! I am hard at it too...WE CAN ALL DO THIS! The hardest thing I ever did was take care of myself. I lost 127 pounds 2 years ago and gained most of it back. But I did it without surgery...I walked..ate right..and keep a good support group! There will be tears...there will be laughter but most of all the pride you take in yourself for just taking care of yourself will be the greatest reward! You are a beautiful woman have a cheerleader here in Lapeer..FIGHT>>>FIGHT>>>>FIGHT!!! I am..for my health...I will do it again...and I will keep it off this time! YOU are WORTH IT!

  4. Hey I just bought the 30 day Shred...wanna come over and do it with me? I also bought a yoga workout :D

  5. Thanks Ladies for all your support!!

    Sherry how nice to hear from you!! Thank you for all the encouraging words, I look fwd to hearing you and Aunt Donna's weight loss success as well.


    Sarah yes yes yes! I heard that 30 day shred was awesome!

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  7. Was is this 30 lb Shed u are talking about?????

  8. Jeannie I don't want to leave you out.....I hope you keep me updated on your success..I know you have way more will power than I YOU GO GIRL!!!!! :)


    Aunt Donna~ It is a workout video from the biggest Loser trainer Jillian.

  9. Sorry about that I was rtrying to delete my last question, as I saw the answer, it took off in space......

  10. YOU CAN DO IT!!! We all are gonna do this together!!